Meet the Entrepreneurs of 2018!

When WEI launched its first cohort of women entrepreneurs in 2016, as the only city-funded initiative of its kind in the nation, we knew it was a pivotal time for issues of women’s equity and inclusion. Then, as is true now, the critical need for business opportunities, compensation and economic mobility to be equally accessible for women, remains. In fact, in only seven countries – and the U.S. is not one of them—do women take part in business at rates equal to men. We have plenty of work to do to alter that reality. Since Georgia is the state with the highest rate of growth in women-owned firms in the last 20 years, we are in an ideal time and space, to energize women’s business success. We know that entrepreneurs succeed when they have the support, access and education they need to thrive. The work we did to support our first cohort of entrepreneurs, resulted in them collectively creating more than 50 new jobs in Atlanta, and generating more than $3.5 million in revenue. Their success is our community’s success, and their economic horsepower fuels our collective growth as a city. That is why I am excited topresent the 15 women entrepreneurs, blazing a path of possibility, in 2018. A diverse and unique group of women who will continue to shift perceptions and defy expectations, as they pursue their passions in Atlanta. I also know that WEI, is because of you. Without the support, vision and partnership of our civic and business community, family and friends, our work would be impossible.  WEI, because of you.