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There are numerous ways to support the core mission and purpose of WEI – empowering economic independence and business equality for entrepreneurial women, particularly those from underserved communities. If you are interested in supporting WEI, please email us at


Sponsorship opportunities are open to businesses, organizations and individuals with clearly-defined resource offerings, that directly and strategically align with WEI’s core mission, purpose and values. Due to the substantial interest we receive from businesses, vendors and service providers interested in engaging with WEI, potential sponsors are subject to a vetting process, with consideration from our Executive Director and advisory board members. Unless otherwise stated, events and programming designed for the WEI entrepreneurs and its community of registered members, are not open to interested sponsors, as these opportunities are intentionally designed to maximize the attendees’ interaction and engagement in a non-solicitous setting. You may learn more about our sponsorship opportunities by contacting us directly.



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